Pencil Pull PRO – Heavy duty, long lasting, made in USA Pencil Pull

Pencil Pull PRO – the best you can buy

Introducing the new Pencil Pull PRO.  Made in USA.  The best USA stainless steel inner spring, the best USA molded rugged plastic body, and the best swivel belt clip and optional Carabineer clip. BUT, the best part is the 42″ retractable cord – nearly indestructible: tough to cut, slippery as a snake and resists abrasion from your tools, clothing, tool belts, wood, tile…  This will last you a very long time

Only $14.99.

Call 877-670-4782 or email with order, payment and shipping information.

Want the best tool for your employees or for a promotion?  Custom logos are available.  Call me and send your vector graphic to  I can discuss quantity discounts.



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