Pencil Pull® / Tug-N-Back Writer™
Attach the clip to something – your belt, shirt, machinery, wall etc.
Insert a writing instrument into the flexible holder – push it in as far as it will go. If you are using the Click-Stick adapter, you can hang your click pen through the side hole, or you can put an eraser pencil so that the eraser shows.
Pull out the writing instrument and make a mark and then let your hand guide it back. On the Tug-N-Back Writer®, if the switch is set to the “no-tension” position, the string tension will go away. When you are done writing, simply give the writing instrument a tug and let your hand guide it back.
Always be careful about keeping the Pencil Pull® in a place away from eyes and machinery.
Now that you will never again be frustrated by not having your carpenter pencil handy, go build that house!
Chalk Pull:
Attach the Chalk Pull to a belt, pool table, wall or cue stick holder.
Insert a Chalk Cube by pressing it into the flexible adapter.
The hole in the side can be used to push out an old Chalk Cube.
Now that you will never be frustrated because your chalk is missing; go stuff that ball in the corner pocket!
Golf Clip for ClubCar or Ez-Go carts:
Insert the shaft into the pencil holder on the steering wheel. The Tug-N-Back Writer™ will be sitting on top. You can insert it for either right or left hand use.
Pull out the pencil and the string tension will go away. Record your honest score on the card.
Give the pencil a “tug” and it will go back home.
Now that you have one less thing to upset you on the course, no excuses – go stiff that next shot.
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