Pencil Pull PRO: (A128) THE ULTIMATE tool for securing your carpenter pencil, regular pencil, marker, chalk, crayon. (Copy)



Pencil Pull is a retractable holder for writing instruments: carpenter pencil, pencil, pen, Sharpie, crayon, chalk etc. etc.  Losing, dropping or “misplacing” your marker is perhaps the most time consuming and frustrating job site annoyances. Measure twice, and then have your marker ready to do its thing! Millions have been sold.

This is the top of the line product.  Made in USA with a high grade stainless steel spring, tough durable  molded plastic body, and exclusive use of  Ultra-High molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber cord.  This stuff is slippery and will reduce wear and tear on the cord as you drag it across your tools, leather and canvas belt and clothing.  It is tough to cut and has a tensile strength that is downright scary!

Bottom line is that this beast will last a long time.  Expensive of course, but have you ever regretted buying the best tool?

Carabineer accessory is available: A128CB

All Pencil Pull products are available in quantities, with your CUSTOM logo, it makes a great promotional advertisement, and an item that your customers will use and value.

Call us about reseller opportunities, be one of the first to distribute and sell this spectacular product!

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Slide, Carabineer accessory


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