Tug-N-Back Writer for WhiteBoard (TNB51-48SW) – hospitals and ???


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This is the Tug-N-Back Writer TNB51-46SWB. Your Whiteboard will finally never be without a dry erase marker.  Pull the string and the tension goes away, give it a gentle TUG and the string retracts.  The Patented mechanism allows you to write with the pull of the string to mess up your otherwise perfect handwriting.

Double Sided tape holds this Tug-N-Back Writer to a whiteboard, bulletin board, or just about any other surface.  The 48″ string will allow you a lot of room to write. Available with a variety of adapters that can hold a small, medium or large (.75″ diameter) dry erase marker.

Available in Black or Pink.  CUSTOM logos are available.


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